Having chaired a conference at Cheltenham, I bumped into Darren Diss, an old frience once on the MA course at Brighton. He was teaching at Lincoln School of Art. They were looking for an External Examiner for the undergraduate Illustration course, a four year period of pontificating and eating unsuitable food. I had served in a similar capacity at Middlesex Poly, Portsmouth Poly, and other visual courses, and was bored with my own voice at Exam Boards.

The course was similar in many ways to Norwich, geographically isolated, in a small art school, prone to ignorant attacks of provincialism. If the core of the experience was supporting the talented and genial members of staff and keeping a weather eye open for slurs and unsavoury manoevers by management with resources and accommodation, then the peripherals were attractive. Firstly, getting to know Lincoln. Secondly getting to stay alone in hotels without having to do my own booking. Thirdly experiencing railway lines and stations from King's Cross to Lincoln.

The ageing process makes very clear when this sort of malarkey has to stop, in terms of energy and running out of jargon. That's all Folks.