The Frozen Movement ..... a selection of imagery to generate discussion particularly in the respective benefits of photography and artwork to represent the frozen moment.

01 A high speed camera captures a split second ending to a race, and used in an advertisement for wrist watches, 1962.

02 Chris Van Allsburg, illustration to The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, Hamilton London 1981 (Houghton Mifflin 1979) 21 x 27cms. In my top ten illustrated books of all time.

03 from The Leadenhall Press Quaint Cuts 1886, being engravings from the printers' office. Here a cut with the motto, "Oh dear what can the matter be/ Two little boys are up in the apple tree !"
04 an advert for American Hammered Piston Rings, April 1948 11.5 x30cms. "She has to take chances ....YOU CAN PLAY SAFE", anobscure copy line but probably the best to be done with pistonrings.

05 Harold Egerton's pioneering work with High Speed Photography
as reproduced in the Illustrated London News August 12th 1944 - a bullet cutting string.

06 an archetypal boxing photo, here the contest between Johnnie Bratton and the toppling Robert Earl, in Chicago in 1945.

07 One of the most feeble attempt at generating neuroses among consumers - Splashitis - getting soaked when the tap gets carelessly turned on full flow. An advert for Union Brass and Metal of St.Paul's Minnesota , detail 11.5 x 25cms, March 1946.. Although inept, the image is distinctly scarey with a pink swelling to the left hand side of the face - and a sort of glutinous transparent goo replacing water. Back to the drawing board literally for this anonymous artist who seems to base splashitis on another more disreputable genre of imagery. Say no more.


Le Supreme Bon Ton, undated, Bathers 1800 - 1815