01 a decorative initial from FUN magazine April 25th 1868; unsigned and an effective flight of similar figures - almost cinematic.

02 "Involuntary Calisthenics : Some Straphangers Attitudes" from The Passing Show September 1922, measuring 5 x 16cms. signature of artist unknown. This is not a cinematic sequence as such; it does not aggregate into a particular on-going movement; rather it seeks to project the intermittent jerky quality of travelling in the Underground. On closer scrutiny, it is several travellers not the one person swinging around.

03 Danse de la Toilette, from LIFE magazine March 1920.

04 "Seaside Sports". Punch August 6th 1898 p.57; 5 x 17cms, by Starr Wood.

05 a circus poster 1891/2, 55 x 72 cms containing some well juxtaposed images of stately performing on the machine - this was the age of the novelty bicycle act, made the more charged by it being a female performer - a Female Mazeppa as the act was often called.

06 "Sketches of MP's whose seats have been re-distributed. Punch June 2nd 1866 p236 12 x 17cms, unsigned.

07 E.Jeffrey's pictures of the character Toby Twirl hiding under the bed. Toby Twirl Adventures , Sampson, Low, Marston, London 1958