row one, American acrobat with the Pneumatic Skate, Mrs. Midnight's Animal Comedians, a troupe of performing monkies after 1753, Handbill of an eighteenth century rope dancer.

row two, performing rats get aboard a toy train, Sword Swallowing with anatomical diagram, Ants in full dress sold by the Merchant of Edible Ants in Sao Brazil.

row three, drawing from LIFE magazine At the Circus, JUDGE an acrobat and his family, A Horse (Osman Pasha) Balloonist in the Circus of Cortz-Althoff, Performing Animals (details unknown)

row four Polander the acrobat performing at Sadlers' Wells, Handbills issued by a Circus of Performing Fleas c1820, Miss Lurline in her tank while Time is counted, Duncan Macdonald the celebrated Scottish equilibrist performing on the slack wire.

row five The Man Bombshell, Stranzini the Man with a Lion's Jaw, Leather Stomach and Leather Feet, William Joy the English Sampson.