row one, Revolving Paper Trick; a paper Frog made by a Japanese schollboy; a simple electrical machine; A Trick with Pennies; Curious Trick with Paper Loops; Experiment with Equilibrium.

row two The Plate and Pennies Trick; an Experiment in Inertia; A Toy Cannon;A Hard Boiled egg gets into a Bottle; Extinguish a candle behind a Bottle; Blowing a Cork into a Bottle.

row three Withdrawing the slip from under a Coin; The Indian Trunk Trick; Telling Fortunes by a Leaf of Box; Holdiong a Lighted Candle in the Mouth; Fireworks in an Orange; a Burning Shrub.

row four How to Hypnotise a Cock; the Ring Game; the Hughes Microphone; sketching with Fire.