An Impromptu Bridge over the Kokoro

Mules passing on a narrow path.

Niagara in Winter.

Rocks on the Nam Ou River

A Prairie Railway with fleeing buffalo.

Sandstorm in the Desert.

The Devil's Castle, Kaisergebirge, Germany

Peaks through the Mist, Puy de Dome.

The Yacht Betty iced up, Stockholm.

Brighton Beach Hotel on the Move.

The Temple of Fang-Kwan-Yuan, China.

Bad Lands, Dakota.

The Kimberley Diamond Mine, Soth Africa.

A Strage Phenomenon, spirit of the Brocken, Switzerland.

The Source of the Rhine.

A Curious Waterspout.

Curious Travellers' Tales.

The Sabbath Grotto, Rochefort.

A Scene in Torcello.

Sand and Sea spouts.