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PEARL BINDER Un-natural History for Tom Driberg, September


J.H.DOWD,The Disciplinarian, August


EDMUND DULAC Crossword, August


ERIC FRASER, A Christmas Carol of the Year 2000, December
ERIC FRASER, Etiquette for the Ladies, October
ERIC FRASER, How to feed the Brute August


AUBREY HAMMOND, A Plea for Staircases, October


HYNES, First Aid for Villains, for P.G.Wodehouse, December
HYNES, Fair Play for Audiences, August


L.G.ILLINGWORTH, How our Village beat the Australians (Cricket) December


HEATH ROBINSON, What is the Danger of Christmas? December


ANNE ROCHESTER , Christmas Reading, December


STEPHEN SPURRIER, The Prisoner in the Opal, September


GILBERT WILKINSON A Tangled Tale, October
GILBERT WILKINSON The Volcanic Mr.Panting, August


GLUYAS WILLIAMS, The After Dinner Speech, December
GLUYAS WILLIAMS, 'Some Bridge Players" August


DAVID WILSON What is the Future of British Political Parties? September


WIZARD Edith Sitwell, December
WIZARD The Actor, October
WIZARD The Specialist, September
WIZARD Someone must be Graceful, September
WIZARD Is the Modern Society Girl a Parasite? August,