"In Les Exercises de Style I started from a real incident, and in the first place I told it 12 times in different ways. Then a year later I did another 12, and finally there were 99. People have tried to see it as an attempt to demolish literature - this was not at all my intention. In any case my intention was merely to produce some exercises; the finished product may possibly act as a kind of rust-remover to literature, help to rid it of some of its scabs." Queneau, conversation with Ribemont-Dessaignes.

Text - find the the Gaberboccus press edition, translated by Barbara Wright.

Students are asked to examine certain texts from Exercises in Style and decide which corresponds to the following


1. Reported Speech.
2. Metaphorical.
3. Logical Analysis.
4. Notation.
5. Haiku.
6. Retrograde.
7. Exclamations.
8. Interjections.
9. Official letter.
10. Free Verse.
11. The Rainbow.
12. Narrative.
13. Subjective.
14. Telegram.


It is the intention of the session to accustom designers and illustrators to the stylistic possibilities inherent in texts from which they visualise.