RUINS - the confounding of order and design



It is central to the Romantic spirit that it is moved by the crumbling remains of once great civilisations.
TOP coloured engraving, source unknown The Ruins of Persepholis 13 x18 cms
BELOW LEFT engraving by F.Berardi insc. "Cio' ch'erse il fasto, or cupre arena ed erba" ruins in the Roman Campagna 19 x 26 cms c1720
BELOW RIGHT anonymous engraving for The Complete English Traveller "Prospect of the Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey in Somersetshire." 18.5 x 30cms c1720

LOST AMERICA, buildings that are no more.

BOMBED LONDON 1947, Hanslip Fletcher


Netley Abbey 1814

J.C.Erhard, In the Ruins of Stahremberg 1817 etching

J.G.Primavesi, The Blown Up Tower of the Castle of Heidelberg c 1805 etching

a plate from Johann Huttich's book on the antiquities around Mainz 1728, and about as ruined as could be.

Bartoli, Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum, Rome 1693, a survey of Roman bas reliefs

Rosinus, Antiquitatum Romanarum, 1609

Robert Adam, Ruins of the Place of Diocletian, 1764 (1)

Robert Adam, Ruins of the Place of Diocletian, 1764 (2)

Robert Fairburn, Circus of Alexander Severius , c1799

Ruins of Morea from Moore's Voyages and Travels, handcoloured print

Ruins of Zeebrugge, c1918

Piranesi's Fragments

Nardini, Roma Antica... 1688

Dosio, The Antiquities of Rome 1569

The Japanese earthquake of 1891

Ruins of Albert on the Somme, c1918

A Norfolk Album, Ruins

TITLE PAGE TO Collection of...RUINS in ROME, James Merigot, London c1819

Fischer von Erlach, History of Architecture, 1725, the Great Cistern

James Merigot, Select Collections of Views and Ruins... of Rome, c1819 titlepage

F.M.Griggs, Fen Monastery, etching c1928

F.M.Griggs, Castor (Caister?) , etching 1927

F.Calvert, Ruins Illustrative of Ancient Splendour,1821-5

F.W.Billings, The Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquites of Scotland, 1855

Piranesi, Roman Landscape, engraving, date unknown

Luigi Rossini, Le Antichita Romane

Luigi Rossini, Le Antichita Romane second plate

Bellori 1702 finding the Tomb of Quintus Nasonius Ambrosius

Piranesi Titlepage Roman Antiquities 1768

Robert Adam, Ruins of the Palace of Diocletian 1764

Luigi Mayer, Views in the Ottoman Dominion, 1810

Cornelis Anthonisz, The Fall of the Tower of Babel

Lucas Cranach the Elder, The Fall of Babylon

Wood and Dawkins, THE RUINS OF PALMYRA 1753

Sir Charles Fellows, Discoveries in Lycia, 1841

Thomas Allason, The Antiquities of Pola , 1819

Robert Wood, The Ruins of Balbec, 1757

G. Vander Gucht , Persepolis Illustrata London 1739


F.Seymour Haden, The Breaking up of the Agamemnon etching 1870

Bomb Damage, The Bombed Buildings of Britain, 1943

Bomb Damage, Beaton and Schwabe 1941