The Packard Car . advertised in March 1947, four excuses to buy yourself one. "Ask the Man who owns one."

The Special day is the advertiser's equivalent of the Saint's Day in the Calendar of the Christian Church.

Father's and Mother's Days

Whitmans's Sampler Chocolates "All Whitman packages specially decorated for Mother's Day". The presence of the hat and the newspaper tell the story of the invisible interceding angel. How fresh and dainty her apron.. The bottom left hand corner reveals that most tired of all graphic devices, the bent corner, " Remember Mother with a ..." The errand boy with the box, in Sampler Style is the logo of the day.
Tintair advert June 1954, Home Hair Coloring; The tints on offer are Canary Diamond Carrot Top Jet Brown.

Seaforth Male Toiletries, fronted by the usual freckle faced kid , June 1952 ; the year was an Election Year in the States so it was perhaps appropriate.