The Family and other Trees

 01 titlepage to Th.Ochsenbrunner, Priscorum Heroum Stemmata , printed in Rome 1494. The Founder of Rome (Romulus) is caught in the pose of the Tree of Jesse. The Oak Tree of the Capital grows from his body. The image is thought to have been cut by the author himself, a Swiss Friar.
02 from Amerotius, Compeniu Graece Gramatices , printed in Louvain in 1520. The elements of Grammar are deployed in a family tree structure to indicate what Gombrich calls "kinship". See "The Visual Image", in The Image and the Eye, Phaidon, Oxford 1982, p.149.
03 The Carthusian Order ,printed in Basle by Amerbach in 1510. The author, Guigo appears half way up the trunk, and the growth stems from the Founder.
04 George Him illustration to Robert Standish' The Ape in the Family Tree Saturday Eevening Post March 1962 27 x 34 cms

05 a genealogical chart from the King James Bible Cambridge c1630.

06 Ladislaus Suntheim, Der Loblichen Fursten und des Landes Osterreich.... , Basel , c1492, the ancestry of the Austrian Royal family, 19 x 26cms.

07 a heraldic bookplate from Walter Hamilton's Dated Bookplates, Black, London 1895. The Male and the Female Line converge on the Owner of the Book.Sir Francis Fust's bookplate dated 1662.

08 Richard Dey, The Tree of Man's Life, or an emblem declareing the life, and unlike or various conditions of all men in their estate of creation, birth, life, death, buriall, resurrection, and last Iudgment, with pyous observations out of the Scriptures upon seuerall branches, printed by 1659, engraved by John Goddard and sold by Robert Walton at the Globe and Compass in St.Paul's Churchyard, London. A rich and detailed schema here - with even the roots being used for symbolic purposes.



Plant and Animal Life, The World of Wonder 1932

The Tree of Love, German popular print, wives selecting husbands

Virgin bearing tree, de Bry, Frankfort 1627

The Pedigree of James Ist from the Sutherland Collection

The Valley of Variety Henry Peacham 1632

The New Pantheon frontispiece 1869

Strange Fruit (Wyandotte Chemical Products)... 1943

Andreae, Super consanguinitatis... 1477

Georg von Rotschitz Processus Luris... Leipzig 1597

Andreas Pernedor ARBOR CONSINGUINITIS 1604-5

mythological scene with toppling tree, Hugh Broughton, Parshegan, 5 vols 1549-1612

The Adimari Family Tree, from La Clio Florence 1639, 520 x 410

L.van Gand's lineage of Oliver Cromwell,Parallelum Olivae, London 1656

anon, The Tree of Love, German, c1890 a popular print

The Festival of Britain, exhibition display UK 1951

Roland Emmett, The Palace of Culture, Punch 1961,

Boris Artzybasheff, The US Public Health System, FORTUNE c1935

VISION advertisement 1946,a tree as a metaphor for Creativity

Paulus Pergulensis, Compendium Perclarum, Venice 1486, a diagram of Logic

Ramon Lull, Arbor Scientae, Lyons 1515

Holy Bible, William Hole, Engraved Titlepage 1605

Love as a Disease, Milan 1496

Adamari, La Calliope titlepage Florence 1641

Rank Organisation, Corporate Structure, Contact Book c1948

Bigelow's Great 'WORLD TREE' rug 1948

CARIOCOLUS, Collecta magistralia... Nuremburg 1481

James Howell , Dodona's Grove, London 1640 (characters in a play speak as trees)

Ferdinand Oliver , Seven Places in Salzburg according to the days of the week 1823

The Tree of Alphabets and non-Alphabetic Scripts from Diringer, A History of the Alphabet, Unwin 1977

anon, The Royal Orange Tree, anon 1691

John Goddard, The Tree of Man's Life, 1634,

W.Hollar, The World is ruled and governed by Opinion 1642

ENGLAND'S MEMORIAL, Satirical print, The National Tree

The World is ruled and Governed by Opinion, W. Hollar


Francis Barlow / Fable