LEFT, The Ladder of Fortune ; print by Currier and Ives, 1875

RIGHT Bernard Quaritch's edition of Works of The Italian Engravers of the Fifteenth Century ,1884, with introduction by G.W.Reid reproduces three engravings from Il Libro del Monte Sancto di Dio ,of 1477, a book of good practice for Christians. Here the author scales a ladder to the the triple peaks of Faith, Hope and Charity. The ladder is called Perseverence, with sides labelled Prayer and Sacrament. The rungs are marked Prudence, Temperence, Fortitude, Justice, Fear, Piety, Knowledge, Fortitude again (3 and 8) Counsel, Intellect and Wisdom - eleven in all. The climber is held back by Blindness but when he has climbed the first four, will receive direct help from the Holy Spirit.


from SAVONAROLA, Epistoles. Florence 1497

Royal Typewriter, we started at the bottom 1938

The Ladder of Health (Virol)1940

Saint Bergotta, Revelaziones.. Lubeck 1492