The Landscape as Metaphor & The Moral Landscape

01 The Broad and Narrow Way ?Schacher, 38 x 42 cms lithograph.

02 from Heinrich Kunrath, Amphitheatrum aternae sapiente Hanau 1609 There are 21 separate suburbs in the Citadel - to emphasise the rightness of the one path, only one has a route to the centre which has barriers and checks of its own.

03 from John Bunyan, The Holy War, Made by Shaddai Upon Diabolus, Alsop, London 1682. "The Towne of Mansoul".
04 George Withers, A Collection of Emblems, London 1635. This engraving was designed and executed by William Marshall and was the basis of many later copies. The landscape teems with moral decisions and their consequences.

05 The Alchemical Citadel
06 J.D.Mylius, Opus medico-chymicum, Frankfurt 1618 - 1620. This is one of the finest and most detailed of the alchemical book illustrations, almost inpenetrable yet because of the simple device of symmetry allowing an interpretation of comparisons - Sun/Moon,
07 Gift handkershief given to a child, c1800 from book catal. Realms of Childhood , Schiller, New York, 1983.

BOTTOM ROW - two responses to EPICTETUS' Encheiridon, the Tabula of Ceres plate - an allegory of the life of Man in an edition of 1560-3, and another by Romeyn de Hooghe of 1670 for the Amsterdam and Leiden edition.