The Process in a Single Image
In these images the illustrator tries to sum up the one cylic industrial process in the single image without recourse to a diagram.

UPPER P.Van der Aa's Zee-en Landreizen , Amsterdam 1727, a treatise on the sugar industry of the West Indies, here a sugar mill at work in one cyclic image.

LOWER T.B., A Compendious Account of Breeding and Nursing and the Right Ordering of the Silk Worm , London 1710. The illustration shows the worms brought to the mulberry leaf for feeding in the factory. The illustrator has taken great pains to make the image as realistic as possible with the reactions of the figures and the presence of the little boy. There is a most efficient compression of the working environment into the frame of the illustration.

RIGHT from another perpective, a treatise on silkmaking written by Jean Bonoeil, representing the growth and flight of the silk worm to moth.