The Single Image Narrative
When an image seeks to encompass an entirety in the single picture plane.

01 All the Anabaptists... Daniel Featley, The Discription of Several Sorts of Anabaptists, 1644, a titlepage by W.Marshall. As you can see not exactly an objective account, but an attempt to find a visual formula for the various branches of the sect.

02 The Heavens and Stars depicting the heavens in string, from Kathleen Haddon, Artists in String ,Methuen London 1930.
The Constellations

03 A Melothesic Figure from Ketham's Fasciculus Medicinae ,Venice, 1493. Each part of the body was influenced by a Zodiacal association, often determining the times and nature of surgery.
Aries - Ram - Head
Gemini - Twins - arms
Leo - Lion - heart
Libra - Scales - Pelvis
Sagittarius - Man Horse - Thighs
Aquarius - Waterman - Lower leg
Taurus - Bull - Neck and Throat
Cancer - Crab - Chest and Breasts
Virgo - Virgin - Womb
Scorpio - Scorpion - Sexual Parts
Capricorn - Goat Fish - Knees
Pisces - Fishes - Feet

04 The Seven Ages of Man The Seven Ages of Man in one image; from a French Alamanack published in Paris by Petit in 1525. And unusually subtle in its concealed cyclic movement.

05 Andrea Bacci (1567 - 1600) , De Ordine universi et de principiis naturae ad imitationem Timaei Platonici, Vaccarius, Rome, 1595, 43 x 65 cms a large print expressing the human being as at the centre of the Macrocosm.

06 The Kings Ships. William Sutherland, Britain's Glory, or Ship Building Unvail'd 1644, and an attempt at an audit of the Royal Navy around a portrait of the King. The loose printed panel at the foot of the page gives the list in traditional form.

07 Musical Relations  from Francisco Salinas ,De Musica , Salamanca 1577.

08 Clouds from Assen Jordanoff's Your Wings ,Funk and Wagnell, New York, 1940 (1936) with illustrations by Fred Meagher, Frank Carlson and Eric Sloane measuring 14 x 18cms.

09 Vicky's cartoon in the News Chronicle , 2nd July 1952, exploring his own political anxieties, "What with the heat and the July night sky Vicky can't sleep a wink." It works nicely with Stalin and Churchill. Drawing in white on black is quite a challenge - we suppose the eagle to be Harry Truman. Poor Syngman Rhee (Korea) has to be written on the scorpion's back.