The Cat's Meat Woman- one of eight anonymous and unsigned lithographs c 1820, The Trades a series of wood engravings after various contemporary trades, each 6 x 9cms, c1830. Then - Six Prints, a series of coloured lithographs after various contemporary trades, each 7 x 9cms c1810

Pyne's British Costumes 1805

Young Tradesmen or Book of English Trades c1820

The Cries of Paris, date unknown c1835

Jost Amman, a selection

see also engraving by Hans Weidetz, Augsberg 1531, one of a series of depictions of contemporary German Life.

Musical Instrument Maker, J.Luiken, Amsterdam 1748, from a Book of the Trades

The Labours of the Months, Harlem 1585

The Factories of London Dodds 1843