Artist: Raul Angúiano
Title: Dichos Populares
Date: 1944 (Two prints dated 1939. Presumably all works completed between '39 and '43.)
Medium: Stone lithography
Edition: # 8/20 (shown on photo of back cover at bottom)
Inscriptions/Annotations: Inside cover: at UL, "Plates do not circulate" over "SQ St.", at UC, "R 763 A594d. c.1", at center, Detroit Public Library bookplate, at MC, "FA ref ".
Paper/impression quality: Overall excellent impressions on good quality paper. Image dimensions: Various (each print listed seperately.) Case/folder dimensions: 23.2" x 18.5" overall. Prignitz number: 492-497
Reference: Prignitz, page 348 and other references.
Description: Portfolio is presented in a folding folio case covered with a silvered paper with information printed as shown in the following photos. The prints are held inside on the right by folding flaps. There is a cover sheet with an introduction by Justino Fernandez.