A book by Bernardo Ortiz Montellano with forty illustrations (primarily color relief prints) by Alfredo Zalce. The covers of the soft cover edition and the more limited hard cover edition are shown, as well as two sample pages.

row one, soft and hard covers

The introductory page for the short play "La Cabeza de Salomé." The image shows a young man sticking his head through the stage curtains and presumably speaking the dialogue written below. The two color relief print is very striking and the green is more vivid than in the reproduction shown here.

The opening image for scene IV of the short play "La Cabeza de Salomé." The depiction is very surreal, with a women, presumably Salomé, carrying her head in front of her as she walks towards a hammock. Because of the deep overprinting of black, the green is more subdued in this image, showing Zalce's control of color in his printmaking.