Title: Estampas de la Revolucion Mexicana

Date: 1947

Medium: Linoleum cuts

Edition: 500 numbered 1 through 500 and 50 numbered I to L.This example is # 357.

Inscriptions/Annotations: None

Paper/impression quality: Excellent impressions on good paper Image dimensions: Each image measures approximately 11.4" x 8.3" Sheet dimensions: Each sheet measures approximately 16" x 10.7" Prignitz numbers: 628 through 712

Reference:TGPpr, 94, 114-121, 186-190, 224, 352-355.TGP40, 2, 21-24.TGP60, 16, 23.TGPdoce, 151-162.TGPwom, 12(coverimage.) MPhaab, #48, 109 (cover image.) MPegc, 38, up (cover image.) MPmmp, 76, 224-231(229-231.) TGPadm, many pages.

Description: Probably the most significant portfolio produced by La Estampa Mexicana. It was produced under the direction of Hannes Meyer, former director of the Dessau Bauhaus. Each artist used an identi- cally sized piece of linoleum to create their depiction of an historical event related to the revolution. These moments in history were selected by the group as a whole.Then one of these scenes would be chosen by an artist to use in creating their print through a process of group critique. Overall the work is of very high quality. Individual works reproduced in references are referenced where known. Discussed and illustrated extensively in Doce Años... on pages 151 through 162.