Grabados del Taller de Gráfica Popular: 23 Grabados y Lithografias de cada uno
de los Componentes del TGP. Prints from the Workshop for Popular Graphics: 23 Prints and Lithographs of each one of the Components (Members?) of the TGP
A portfolio of twenty-three reproductions of prints in various media by the artists of the Taller de Gráfica Popular produced in an edition of one thousand examples. 1956

Medium: Offset reproductions of prints in various media Edition: 1,000 examples per Prignitz. Inscriptions/Annotations: None noted. Paper/impression quality: Excellent impressions on good lightweight buff paper. Image dimensions:Various Sheet dimensions: Each sheet is approximately 10.8" x 8.4" Prignitz numbers: 839-861 Reference:TGPpr, 362 Description:This portfolio reproduces 23 prints in various media by members of the TGP at the time of its creation in 1956. The reproductions are of a high quality. There is a single sheet laid in which has a small drawing and biography for each artist. Everything is contained within a flapped folder with a reproduction on the cover of an ink drawing showing Leopoldo Méndez speaking to the membership. On the flap is a TGP statement and the address. On the back cover is what appears to be an original lithograph of an artist working on an engraving.