A set of seven original lithographs with written descriptions documenting the assassination of rural school teachers by the Cristeros, who were a organization of religious fanatics acting in violent protest against the restrictions enacted by the government against the church. They appear to have been responsible for the murder of more than two hundred rural school teachers. They were also known as the "guardias blancas" or "white guards." It was Alfredo Zalce who brought this tragedy to the attention of Leopoldo Méndez, resulting in the creation of this portfolio.

Title:"En Nombre de Cristo..."
Medium: Center stitch bound booklet with original lithographs and explanatory type on facing page.
Edition: 3200 Inscriptions/Annotations: None Paper/impression quality: Uniformly good impressions on typical thin paper. Image dimensions:Varies, averages 11.7" x 8.2" Book dimensions: 13.9" x 9.6" (closed) Prignitz numbers: 394-400
Reference:TGPpr, 68.TGPdoce, 90. MPpola, 27, 123. MPmmp, 183, 241. MAiom, 117. LMmma, # 28-31, 67-70. LMfe, # 40-43.LMdc, 148, 150. LMapl, 6,52. LMapl, 80. LMcm, 18, 31-37. LMcms, #97A, 104-109A. LMeog, #66-67, 98-99, 174.TGPgdea, 155.
Description:A booklet with seven original lithographs depicting either specific rural school teachers who were assassinated by Cristeros (blancas asasinas) or areas where such murders were most frequent. Over 200 such teachers were murdered during a religious backlash (The Cristeros Movement) to restrictions placed by Plutarcho Calles.