There are images that are implanted within your DNA. Or perhaps a deity with a sense of humour touches your brain early on and implants images that, irresepctive of their subject matetr, define you as a human being. You know these images by the electric sensations experienced on first encountering them. You know them by the constant glow they emit - a sort of radioactivity.


Flicking as I do through vast numbers of of magazines, the selection is simple and physical. I have perhaps another five but I can't put my hands on them at the minute. Some delightful images can never be found again - no matter how hard you look. The Unbelievable turn up over and over again. Whether this is to succour or mock, I am not yet sure .


The image I will have on my tombstone is the song sheet Over There,

Put simply - this is my version of the Sistine Chapel - monumental,

somehow significant

yet wholly ridiculous.