Memories of Grahame White



I had been thinking about Grahame recently, in a general reminiscencing sort of way thinking back to the Tuesday group and wondering what he was doing, and then again, more specifically, when looking through the bookshelf next to my bed I came across the M.R.James book that I bought at the local church fair after one
of his talks.

I did not know Grahame very well. He seemed to me colourful and intriguing - the way he dressed, his spectacles and walking sticks - slightly eccentric and almost like a visitor from a different world of books, words, thoughts, writers and writings that he carried with him like an aura. His comments and contributions gave a glimpse into this world - I remember feeling the density of his knowledge and being almost baffled. Maybe I was surprised at the strength under the fragility. In my memory, Grahame will always be linked to the ghost stories of an antiquary - whistle and I'll come to you.

Solveigh Goett, fellow student in the PhD research group 20th October 2006