Memories of Grahame White




My first impression of Grahame white was that his use of words was difficult to understand, from a foreigner’s point of view. In the meantime, I was amazed about his erudition.

Each time I asked him one question, he would write down as much as he knew in the A5 notebook for 2 to 4 pages, in full.

At the early study of my PhD, I wasn't very confident about my English. After one conversation with Grahame about this, he bought a book " Ways of Seeing" by John Berger to me. He reassured me that I shouldn't worry too much and this book could help. I realized that he was a very thoughtful and caring person.

He gave me another surprising gift - a silver spoon, which was once related to my project. Now I am not carrying this project, but the silver spoon carries the memory of him.

After all, I like to say thanks Grahame and hope he is in the peace of Heaven.

Chia-Mei Yang , fellow student PhD research group 31st October 2006