Memories of Grahame White




To Graham.

I think I first knew Graham through the practiced-based thesis group that I was attending as a guest and contributor. I subsequently got to know him because we lived quite near each other, and I often met him either in the street or in some alehouse!  From the start, I always regarded him as a scholar and intellect. Pure instinct on my part, but I knew that was what he was. I always had a great respect for him, because I knew he was interested in antiquity and its reflections in past studies, and I thought that this was a wonderful area to work in. He could be somewhat irascible, but he was always very kindly to other people, and genuinely went out of his way to help them. I always found him an interesting and shrewd man to talk to. In a way, he was a slight mystery to me, because I knew nothing of his background, so he was a kind of a walking enigma. But I genuinely liked him. I respected his intellect, which he never tried to push in your face, and his knowledge, which was very considerable. I would always hope that, in this world, there will be a place of honour for Graham, and others like him.

Frank Jackson  (01/11/06)           


PhD research group friend and supporter 2nd November 2006