The entire catalogue is reproduced
James McNeill Whistler Editorial Design May 1886
Some years ago I acquired this copy from a bookshop in Yarmouth with several indicative annotations from the original owner, someone who knew the right questions to ask.
Single page size is 15 x 19 cms
"NOTES" - "HARMONIES" - "NOCTURNES" a catalogue for an exhibition at 133, New Bond Street London W

inscriptions -

1. None
2. LEFT - Figure studies for nos. 17 and 21. "Background Blue" of 17. RIGHT none
3. LEFT "The Pastel studies 17, 18, 21 are done on brown paper
& when scumbly outline then some buff pastel & in low flesh rubbed on..."
RIGHT - none.
4. LEFT - "study of waves in cobalt and... blue sky"
RIGHT 38. "on brown paper as before..."
5. LEFT - study of beading and frame design, "some of the figures are done with
a Metal [?] either silver lacquer or a very pale foil." RIGHT - none
6. LEFT - None RIGHT - study of nude.