PROCESS- A few definitions

commonplace book
to arrange found material (thoughts, writings, lists etc) in a given order; published examples are by W.H.Auden, S.T.Coleridge.

notebook the daily writing down/drawing of observations and other thoughts; S.T.Coleridge, edited by Kathleen Coburn; also used for the purposes of recording in sketch form and in the process of refining a picture. Often the combination of image and text, Picasso and Samuel Palmer.

editing to prepare for publication, often by excising; ie. Valerie Eliot (ed)T.S.Eliot, The Wasteland, a facsimile & transcript of the original drafts inc.the annotations of Ezra Pound , Faber and Faber London 1971. Sending back the altered draft, Pound wrote to Eliot, " Caro mio: MUCH improved. Complimenti, you bitch. I am wracked by the seven jealousies. ". See also film editing

abridgement to shorten by omitting details; abbreviate

anthology a collection of existing created material, usually literary ie. Geoffrey Grigson, The Romantics, The Victorians . Guido Almensi, Claude Beguin, Theatre of Sleep , an anthology of literary dreams.

compilation to collect and put together in the service of some thesis. ie The Penguin Book of Lies .

alphabetic compilation arranged alphabetically; Geoffrey Grigson, The Country Alphabet .