The album is 18cms wide by 23cms high

Click the image 07 for the inscription on the cover.


01 inscribed "H.S.Wildblood"

02 inscribed "H.S.Wildblood"

03 INSCRIBED "Harry Bleriot" photograph by M.S.Wildblood

04 inscribed "Harry and his Aero models" on pages with images dated 1910.

05 deleted

06 insciber "The Road to Dalhousie"

07 inscription on front of the album

08 social gathering (?air strip) facing page inscribed "Dalhousie - Meakins"

09 inscribed "Mrs. Baddeley's Camp" Khajia 1908

10 detail of image on same page as 09

11 inscribed "Dalhousie - the Bazaar"

12 loose photograph- not inscribed

13 probably Biarritz, inscribed "March 1915"

14 probably Biarritz, inscribed "March 1915"

15 inscribed "Roman Remains, Biarritz"

16 inscribed "Roman Remains, Biarritz"

17 inscriber "Hotel Brice, NICE"

18 inscribed "Grand Hotel, Biarritz"

19 inscribed "Trianon Hospital" (at Le Treport)

20 inscribed "Trianon Hospital"



another part of the album


contents copyright Chris and Oriole Mullen