01 October 1st 1921, The Burden of Taxes, Diplomatic Secrecy, Taxes and the Hemline, War and the cost of militarism.

02 September 24th 1921, John Barleycorn and Prohibition, British Empire as a Circus ring, Lloyd George and de Valera, the Graeco-Turkish war as toy, Germans and World Trade.

03 Lloyd George and Irish Factionalism, Wars and Taxes, Bolshevism as a wolf at the door, Disarmament and building warships, Lenin and Lloyd George.

04 March 5th 1921 Russia as a wolf, US Europe relations, Taxation as Blight US/Canadian wheat and the French Market, Burying the Hun, UK and France fall out, German and the Burden of reparations, building war ships and poverty at home.


01 February 26th 1921 wholesale and retail prices vary, bureaucracy, ice age haircuts, post-war damage

02 February 19th 1921 cost of inefficient government, filling in your income tax, telling lies, Japanese world expansion, Europe distracted by UK Irish fighting, public attitude to politics and income tax, economic pessimism

03 February 12th 1921, rents and the family nest, the war profiteer, taxpayer mugged on the way to peace, Uncle Sam regrets prohibition, the Warship Builders Union celebrated.

04 February 5th 1921 UK Ireland Boomerang, the economic pendulum, Civiisation bankrupt and militarism, Australian secession, US UK Japan battleships, success and the easy life.



01 January 29th 1921 Opening a box of chocolates in a theatre, UK Home Rule and Ireland, US Income Tax, Taxation as Log Jam, the Fresh Air fiend.

02 January 15th 1921 American Notes, War Profiteers as Boxers, US immigration anxieties, Soviet peasant strangled, Lloyd George and political problems, Russian starvation, high prices and boxing, Bureaucracy personified.

03 January 8th 1921 See saw prices and wages, the modern child writes a novel, Germans conceal guns, Anxious Globe can't sleep, Germany and the Fuel shortage.



01 January 1st 1921 American Spectacles, exiled European royalty eye thrones, Ireland's cooking pot, USSR UK trade bed partners, Bolshevik leaning tower, Lloyd George juggles issues

02 December 11th 1920 on Ireland. John Bull and the factions. Coercion and Diplomacy, Ireland as Hot potato.

03 for comparison David Wilson's Passing Pageant, domestic issues and social points.

04 October 30th 1920 Dr.Time and amputating Ireland, price of milk in US, John Bull and discord, workers and bosses agree to foil agitators.

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