The Safe Cigarette

Jackie Batey 2002
  This CDROM has 6 sections accessible from the Homepage:

The Artist's Books & Multiples:
This is the main section of the CDROM. The central grey panel offers a list of all the Books and Multiples. Rolling the mouse over the list produces a corresponding image of the item. Clicking on an item in the list will load the section pertaining to it, including working visuals, commentary, mock-ups and detailed views of the item itself. Clicking on Back or return will jump back to the previous screen and eventually to the Homepage. In many cases you will need to use your browser's Back button to return from viewing an image.

The Gatefold Images
This section provides a detailed view of the Gatefold images bound within the Volumes. Both outer and inner images are shown.

The Volume Illustrations
This large section contains actual size colour reproductions of all the images used within the Volumes. Some advertisements that appear as details within the Volumes can be seen here full size. The images are stored in large format, and it must be stressed that some browsers may take a few moments to download them.

Alignment of the Artists Books & Multiples to the Volumes
This chart shows how the Artists Books & Multiples relate to each Volume.

Magazine Page Glossary
To see an identification of an element within the magazine page, roll the mouse over the list of terms and the corresponding element will highlight. This feature requires a Shockwave player.

The Abstract
A printable PDF file of the abstract is provided in this area.


System Requirements for the CDROM version
: Power Macintosh, Apple System Software 9.0 or later. Netscape Navigator 4.7 or later, or Internet Explorer 6 or later. The Browser will require Shockwave players available from: or

Explorer 6 will automatically fit large images to screen, to expand the image pause the mouse at the bottom right corner of the image to reveal the in-program option to view actual size.

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For fuller instructions please see Volume One or email: [email protected]