APRIL 2ND 2023



Forty of us, friends, colleagues, neighbours, admirers, met at Richard and David's penthouse flat facing Preston Park, to share memories of David Plumtree.The event was memorable not least for the high standard of the catering.

Barbara asked me to perform as emcee, just like the old MA days at Grand Parade, to make sure anybody with something they wanted to say got the chance. Neighbours reflected on encountering the man in his last days, shepherding Max the cat round the landscape.

Colleagues in the Book Trade such as John Loska, Colin Page, Carl Williams and Ed Maggs spoke . Michael Meredith of Eton College Library reflected on the man. David Howgrave-Graham who had known David Plumtree at school, at Ardingly, spoke of the family and the impact of the death of Robin the elder brother.

The memories were heartfelt and consistent of a man of unassuming scholarly presence, generous in spirit and with information tailored to others. We attested to the transformation in his life brought about by marriage to Barbara. He taught and shared without a supervening ego and was delighted to forge friendships and see others delight in company. Of course he will be missed.

These photographs are made available by the kindness of Julia Winckler who was of the company with Ian. The Documentation for the day was assembled by Rachael Adams and dis-assembled by Chris Mullen for the website.