These images are to be found in issues of SURVEY GRAPHIC, a socially and economically progressive magazine most active in the 1930's and 1940's.


01 A Neurather chart as it appeared in a magazine, SG March 1933

02 Cost of Living, by Helen Phelps, November SG 1928

03 Survey Graphic cover by Pictorial Statistics SG January 1938

04 Post-war Employment prospects, by the Pictograph Corporation SG May 1943

05 Newspapers, diagram by The Chartmakers, SG December 1946

FORTUNE SURVEY, characteristic page and detail c 1939

FORTUNE Government Spending Projects 1940

FORTUNE SURVEY, chart 1940 government spending

FORTUNE Some Aspects of Business Opinion 1939 (Geis)

LOOK Sept.1940 attitudes to War