Each Art School relies upon puffing its reputation nationally and internationally, with varying degrees of success. Deputations from the People’s Republic of China come seeking the experiences of district learning. Singapore seeks an academic partner for joint degrees and staff junkets. We export Course Leadersfor the summer to explore recruitment in Asia and beyond. It is marvellous to hear our commitment to the new Technologies knowing how little had been invested. Student representatives were seldom admitting to the proceedings, with their tendency to snort with derision at educational claims.

A deputation from the North Borneo University College was in town and shown round the Arts Department.  In the afternoon, they met with our Management in the Board Room.

In our presentation a particular emphasis was placed on the quality of our staff which made our Art School unique and deserving of admiration.

“And how do you select the very best teachers?” was the question.

“We use Headhunters…” was the reply followed by a period of complete silence.