1. Design for a Royal Marine Palace c1840 litho
2. Brighton Marine Kursall, c1883 an unbuilt prototype of pier entertainment
3. View of the intended Harbour at Brighton c1842 never adopted
4. View of Brighton from Hudson’s Mill 1846 litho Childs after Nibbs
5. Design for Brighton Cemetery Company c1840, litho A.Chabot
6. Perspective view of Oriental Place West Cliff, c1825 c1825 George Hunt aquatint
7. The Antheum, 1833 drawing anon., an unrealised giant greenhouse
8. Brighton looking south c1843 litho Lane after Henry
9. Brighton Looking north
10. A perspective view of Brighthelmston P.C.Canot eng 1765
11. Brighthelmston, Fishermen returning, Hill after de Loutherbourg 1797
12. Chain Pier during the 1824 Tempest, J.Bruce aquatint

13. anon Public Dispensary litho 1849
14. General View of Brunswick Square 1826
15.and detail
16. design for Zoological Gardens, Allom and Wyatt 1840 aquatint
17. The Star and Garter Hotel 1825 anon litho


The Chain Pier, published brochure 1897

The Romance of the The Chain Pier, Ernest Ryman, bibliog. details

PEEPS INTO THE PAST selected prints 1886