01. Thomas Yeakell and William Gardner Map of Brighthelmstone (Brighton) published in Brighton in 1779.

02. a stereoscopic card of the Chain Pier

03. from Cooke, Cooke and Turner's book, Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England, Arch, London 1826, Turner draws for engraving by the Cook Brothers, the seashore of Brighton seen from the Sea - with the Pavilion given a rather overemphasised role on the front, with the old Chain Pier (now destroyed) advancing from the right.
04 Brighton Sea Front from Thomas and William Daniell's A Voyage Round Great Britain, undertaken in the summer of the year 1813 , "and commencing from the Land's End, Cornwall", 8 volumes, 1814 - 1825 and being 308 hand coloured aquatints.

A COMIC GUIDE TO BRIGHTON by Damian and Pythias a selection of double page spreads page size 13 x 21 cms c 1845

beneath this

left The PUNCH artist John Leech celebrates class conflict on Brighton Beach on the Bank Holiday when Londoners took the opportunity to come down to the sea for the day. "That awful swell Percy de Gosling finds himself by accident at Brighton on Whit Monday. His nerves have been terribly shocked already as he has been asked if he wanted any Tea Accommodation; and now a boatman requests him to "Jine [Join] this party, and make up the 'arf dozen for a row...."  

right "August Bathing at Brighton" 1836 p.60
From George Cruikshank's Comic Almanack .


01 from Humphrey Repton, Designs for the Pavilion at Brighton , London

02. John Nash, The Royal Pavilion at Brighton, London 1826 or 1827.
03. James Leigh-Pemberton's painting for Shell-Mex and BP (oil companies) celebratory book Royal Progress published in 1953 with images of high finish and little subject impact. Here is the image of George IV at the Royal Pavilion in c1820.


BRIGHTON MUSEUM, Brighton Pictured exhibition