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Theo Crosby, "The Globe Theatre:Shakespeare's Theatre reconstruction in London, in ZODIAC 2, Milan, 1988.

Walter Hodges, Shakespeare's Theatre (Globe)

Inigo Jones, The Most Notable ANTIQUITY of GREAT BRITAIN vulgarly calledSTONE-HENG on Salisbury Plain, restored by Inigo Jones, London for James Flesher, London 1655.


interpretation of data

Conant Brodribb, Drawing Archaelogical Finds for Publication, , John Baker, London, 1970, tools and materials, techniques of drawing, finishing touches, drawing from phtographs, summing up. Scale drawing, textures and shading with hatching


drawing on site

MEXICO-MAYA:Alfred Maudslay, Biologia Centrali-America or Contributions to the Knowledge of the FLORA and FAUNA of Mexico and Central America, edited by F.Ducane Godman and Osbert Salvin, Porter, London, 1889 - 1902, 5 vols.

Maudslay contents.

MEXICO-MAYA:Tatiana Proskouriakoff, reconstructions of Copan, 1939. see Coe, Breaking the Maya Code, Chpater 7.

MEXICO-MAYA:Doug Stern, computer reconstructions of Bonampack murals, National Geographic, February 1995. See also paintings by Christopher Klein. p.59 restoration from computerised images.

JAVA- BOROBUDURTheo Van Erp, Borobudur,: Architectural Description, Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1931.

CLASSICAL GREECE - TROY. Antonova, Tolstikov and Treister, The Gold of Troy, Searching for Homer's Fabled City, Thames & Hudson, London, 1996. Heinrich Schliemann's attempts to interpret Homer through archaeological finds. Also Donald Easton's reconstruction of Schliemann's archaelogical finds.

model making

Thomas Bayley, Model Making in Cardboard, Dryad Press, Leicester, 1958, tolls and materials, corners and windows, alandscape and finishing, area and site planning. See a model of a Norman Keep

Arthur Sadler, Paper Sculpture, Blandford Press, London 1945, 1955, mainly display but intersting techniques and lighting.


to specialist list


scientific aids

James Harris and Kent Weeks, X Raying the Pharoahs, Macdonald, London, 1973. The Mummy,clue to the past. The Making oif the Mummy, Preparation for Eternity. The Mummy Defiled - Tombs and Tomb Robbers. The Pharoah's Mummy, The Mortal Mummy, Examination of Kings and Priests. CONCLUSION.