Alfred Maudslay,

Biologia Centrali-America


Contributions to the Knowledge of the FLORA and FAUNA

of Mexico and Central America,

edited by F.Ducane Godman and Osbert Salvin,

Porter, London,

1889 - 1902, 5 vols Recording, clarifying and speculating upon Mayan monuments. "It is impossible to exaggerate the importance to Maya reseasrch of Maudslay's published work. For the very first time , Maya epigraphers had large-scale, incredibly accurate illustrations of complete Classic texts....." Michael D,Coe, Breaking the Maya Code, Penguin, London, 1994 [1992] p.103.



Vol I (PLATES) Preface; Introduction; Copan

Vol II (PLATES) Map of Guatemala and adjoining countries; Quirigua; Ixkun; Rabinal; Utatlan and Iximche;Guatemala - Mixco (Foundation Mounds); Menche.

Vol III (PLATES) Map of Yucatan and the Country to the South of it; Chicvhen Itza; Tikal.

Vol IV (PLATES) Palenque.

Appendix: The Archaic Maya Inscriptions. Calendars.

VOL V, (Text) text for Vol.I COPAN, Principal Notices and Descriptions of the Ruins; Personal Natrratiave; General description of Site; Detailed Description of Principal Structures; Description of Stele and Altars; Illustrations in the Text.

VOL VI, Appendix The Archaic Maya Inscriptiopns by J.T.Goodman. 1897. Preface. Explanatory. Introduction. The Archaic Calendars. Numeration and Signs for Numbers.

Miscellany. Abstract Day Signs Directive Signs. Determinative Signs. Declarative Signs. Exercises in Decipherment. A Review of the Inscriptions. The Annual Calendar (Tables). The Chronological Calendar (Tables). Perpetual Calendar (Table). Working Chart.