01 coloured titlepage to the two volume Latin edition of Blaue's Atlas 1635

02 Title page to the Dutch edition (1588) of the bound volumes of Atlantic coastal navigation charts prepared by Lucas Jansz Waghenaer and printed by Plantin in Leyden. The collection was innovatory and, going in several editions, was an outstanding commercial success.

03 titlepage to The Description and Use of the Sector.. .1636



01Titlepage to The Mariner's Magazine 1679

02 Titlepage to Book One of William Keningham's
The Cosmographicalle Glass , printed in 1559

03 Sir Robert Dudley Arcano del Mare (The Secrets of the Sea) Cocchini Florence 1661 the most comprehensive and influential source of knowledge about mariners, sealore, sciences and charts of the century.



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